Tube Preamplifier

This classical spirit fully tube pre-amp is very usable for pre-amplification of Line Level (250 mV) signals to match with power amplifier signal level (usually 1V or higher). Also very recommended for LP-vinyl record listener as this pre-amp includes sonically very good Phono RIAA Tube Preamplifier with RIAA passive correction. Also Bass/Treble adjusters help to deal with older LP-records often missing some sonical punch and allow to compensate this. As the Tube RIAA phono-preamp has it's own input/output it is possible to use it separately and to switch it off to minimize tube wear if it's not in use. Bass/Treble adjusters will help also to compensate some cable or power-amp or speakers specific characteristics. Bass/Treble adjusters are pleasantly mild, only +/-6dB. Pre-amplifier has two outputs, both of levels are adjustable separately and it is possible to use both outputs simoultaneously.
Also IR-remote control will make convinient to operate the pre-amp from distance. Amplifier's casing is precise laser cut, has black matte powder paint strong wearproof coating and nice natural oak side panels for accent. Standard dimensions allow to install this pre-amplifier easily.
This unit is hand built by using specially picked high quality parts and tubes. Pre-amp is capable to drive 10 kOhm or higher loads at up to 20V output signal, so it is a good match for any power amplifier.

Frequency band: 20 Hz - 40 kHz +/-0dB (Bass/Treble adjusters in center position)
Inputs: 4x RCA Line level (250mV...5V); 1x RCA Phono level (2mV...5mV)
Phono correction curve: RIAA, passive
Outputs: 2x RCA both adjustable
Output signal level: up to 20V (adjustable)
Pre-amp is capable to drive 10 kOhm or higher loads
Input impedance, Preamp: 100 kOhm
Input impedance, Phono Preamp: 47 kOhm
Amplifying factor, Preamp: max 10
Amplification tube phono preamp: 40dB @1 kHz
Bass/Treble adjusters: +/6dB @ 20Hz and 20kHz
Volume adjustment device: Alps motorized potentiometer
Output signal is adjustable manually or by IR remote control
Input commutation: by relays (Takamisawa audio relays)
Input indication: 4x LED
Tubes: 4x 6Н16Б; 3x 6Н17Б
Power consumption/supply: 60W @230VAC (220V...240VAC /50...60Hz)
Dimensions: 430 x 260 x 120 mm
Weight: 9 kg

September 2018